Here you will find published pieces that I have produced that are not available due to a paywall.

I’m Worried About My Family in Donald Trump’s America

Parishioners at Guru Nanak Darbar Of Long Island (Sikh Gurudwara) Picture by: Suneet Mahandru

“The image of a wooden bat in the front seat of my dad’s car a few days after 9/11 is etched in my mind. There was no need to ask why it was there.”

Originally posted: Newsday

Traveling Across the World to Make Long Island Home

Marbin Rodriguez, 53, gazes out the window at his home in Greenport, July 20, 2017. Photo by: Suneet Mahandru

“…he illegally crossed the United States border. He took a bus from Guatemala to Mexico and then walked through the mountains to Los Angeles, where his brother lived.”

Originally posted: Newsday

Pulitzer Prize-winning Newsday editorial cartoonist Matt Davies interviews students at the first 2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University

Matt Davies interviews freshman Vincent Luna at the first presidential debate in 2016 at Hofstra University. Photo by: Suneet Mahandru

Originally posted: Youtube